What's Growing On at Easy Pickin's Orchard?

*UPDATE* 7/7/21:  summer means the start of pick-your-own season ! 
* FARMERS' MARKETS are in full swing (details below);
 we go to 
Ellington, Suffield & Coventry Farmers' Markets on the weekends . 

* You can also shop at the farm: order ahead from our SHOP page, & pick up here,
   or see what we have at the stand).
* July brings the beginning of 
pick-your-own season !  
   We always open with BLUEBERRIES ... and they're here NOW !
   We also have PYO
HERBs ... and veggies will be here soon.
We do our best to make sure you can enjoy our fresh produce safely;
we have a few rules you need to know if you're planning to come see us at the farm.

Check Us Out at These Farmers' Markets !

Suffield Farmers' Market:  

Saturdays: 9am-12noon - mid-June thru Columbus Day Weekend

Suffield Town Green - Corner of South Main & Mountain Road 

WIC Certified
Click here for more info on the Suffield Farmers' Market.

Coventry Farmers' Market: ** 2021 dates & details coming **
Sundays: 10am-1pm - June 6th through October  
Nathan Hale Homestead - 2299 South Street, Coventry 

Click on this link for the Coventry Farmers' Market website.

Ellington Farmers' Market:

Saturdays, 9am - 12noon - May 8th through October

Arbor Park (Main Street / Route 286)

Click here for more information on the Ellington Farmers' Market.


For More Information:

Links to more info on these & other local farmers' markets:  
CT Dept. of Agriculture: About Farmers' Markets 
CT Dept. of Agriculture: Listing of Farmers' Markets 
CT Grown (UConn Extension's "Farm to Community" program)

   & see more about CT's "Locally Grown & Produced" items here !

When you come to Easy Pickin's Orchard, PLEASE REMEMBER:

  • Cash or check preferred:  at the farm *&* farm markets, especially for smaller purchases.  But YES, we can accept credit & debit cards.

  • No pets please in our food growing & production areas -- state regulations.

  • Please use our wagons for produce only -- they are not safe for children. If you bring small children, we welcome you to bring your own strollers or wagons to take them out picking with you.

  • We live on a QUIET, RESIDENTIAL STREET; our neighbors have kids & dogs; so do we. PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY & with CAUTION - 25mph or less.  We appreciate it!

Keeping Us All Safe & Healthy at Easy Pickin’s:

Pick-Your-Own & Farm Stand Rules


KEEP IT CLEAN:  Stop the Spread of Germs !

* We’re being careful to keep things clean & sanitized; help us by doing your part.    

* Wash your hands BEFORE you start picking & shopping here; the sink next to the Port-a-Pot, with soap & paper towels, is for you to use.

* Don’t leave trash/litter in the field or parking lot, or at the stand.  Show a little love & respect: use our trash cans, or take your trash home.         



Give EVERYONE Plenty of Space – at least 6’ !

* At the STAND, keep your distance from others while shopping & checking out.  Families should have ONE person stand in line & the rest move away to reduce crowding.

* While you are PICKING or anywhere in the field / orchard, give OTHER folks plenty of room.  And keep your group together, especially kids.           


Here's to a healthy season for ALL of us ! 

* We are an all-ages, family-friendly place, and we want everyone, customers & staff, to feel safe & at ease picking, shopping & working here.  Let's be considerate of each other, & make this a good year for all. 


CONTAINERS: For Your Picking & Purchases

* You may bring your OWN bags, boxes, & other containers from home for your picking & purchases, as long as they are CLEAN; we also have bags & boxes for your use.

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