Try a "Weekly Welcome"

the season is heating up,

and we've got what's cool:

* "Weekly Welcome" CSA share

* a la carte veggies & berries to order

READ ON for the delicious details !

Dear Easy Pickin's customers & friends,

The fresh, local produce season is heating up -- veggies & berries are ripening in the fields, and we want to share the bounty with you !

This week we're offering 2 great ways to purchase our produce here at the farm -- by ordering ahead online !

* 1-week CSA share: a menu-friendly combo of our best stuff this week;

* a variety of items to order a la carte if you'd rather "pick & choose."

Here are the details on how it works, followed by a list of all the goodies we're offering this week.

How our ONLINE ORDERING works:

(see the link below)

1) Choose your purchases:

shares: FULL ($30 - family of 3-4)

or HALF ($17 - 1-2 people),

&/or individual items "a la carte."

See the list for what's on offer: salad & cooking greens & veggies, & raspberries !

2) Choose a pick-up day:

at the farm: 46 Bailey Road, Enfield

THURSDAY 7/6 - 4:00-6:30pm

orders due: THURSDAY 7/6, 8:00am


SATURDAY 7/8 - 9:00am - 12noon

orders due: FRIDAY 7/7, 8:00am

3) Pay when you pick up:

We now accept payments by credit & debit card as well as by check or cash.

Here's the link to the order form:

Easy Pickin's Online Order Form

It's easy; just fill in the quantities & varieties of each item you want to order, & hit SUBMIT.

It will also ask you for:

* your name & e-mail address,

* PHONE NUMBER where we can reach you.

What's in the "Weekly Welcome" share ?


* Bok Choy: Classic, best-known "Asian green" -- long green leaves with a white rib. Ideal for many recipes: steamed, stir-fry, soup. Also good raw & crisp in a coleslaw-type salad.

# guide to bok choy:

# stir-fry guide:

* Tatsoi (full shares only): Another versatile "Asian green," darker green, spoon-shaped leaves on a white rib. Vibrant flavor; superb in stir-fry, sauté or soup, or added to salads.

# advice on "Asian greens" -- keep this handy when working with bok choy, tatsoi, or several other items mentioned here:

* small European "summer" cabbage: NOT the size you use for stuffed cabbage. Great for slaw & salad; crisp-yet-tender texture; also good for a quick stir-fry.

* Peas !! shell peas *OR* sugar snaps; ASK WHICH KIND YOU HAVE SO YOU'LL KNOW HOW TO USE THEM !

* shell peas: you have to "shell" these (remove the pods). A classic early-summer veggie: steam lightly & add butter, or add them to tossed salad, macaroni salad, pasta with cream sauce, etc.

* sugar snaps: these you eat whole, pods & all. Delicious in stir-fry, or very lightly steamed; you can also snack on them raw, plain or with dip / dressing.

HOW TO TELL WHAT YOU'VE GOT: Shell pea pods have a "fibrous" texture, & a "string" along the seam; bite into one, and you'll know you don't want to nibble on it. And, of course, check the board when you pick up, and ASK US !!

* Lettuce: might be any of several varieties -- red & green leaf, romaine, butterhead ...

* Green onions aka scallions

* Broccoli

FRUIT: Summer Raspberries for all, plus STRAWBERRIES in the FULL shares.

Summer's on, & there's no excuse not to eat FRESH & LOCAL !

Order up what works for your week of good eating, & come get it from us. Hope to see you soon !

-- Farmer B.

& the Easy Pickin's crew

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