School Tours

Every fall Easy Pickin's plays host to school children from around our area.  We invite the classes in and welcome them to our farm.  We take a wagon tour around the farm.  We stop at the pumpkin patch to discuss how we grow pumpkins.  The children then get to wander through the pumpkin patch and pick out their favorite pumpkin to take home.  We grow just the right size sugar pumpkins for the kids. 

Next it's off to the orchard to learn how the apples grow.  We have fully-dwarfed apple trees that are trained to a 4-wire trellis.  Even the smallest child can pick his or her own apples from our trees.  We teach the children how to pick an apple, and allow them to pick 3 apples from our trees, whenever possible,  to take home.

Our tour ends back where we started, and we refresh the kids with a drink.  Groups are encouraged to bring along a snack to enjoy with their drink.

Cost is $6.95 / person  -- with 1 free for every 10 paid.   
A 15 person minimum is requested, and we reserve the right to combine smaller groups.

If interested, please contact us:  
email us at
or call us at (860) 763-FARM

Wagon Rides

Starting the weekend after Labor Day, the farm (like the rest of the country) shifts from summer to fall (tho' the weather doesn't always join us). This year we again offer FREE wagon rides on SUNDAY afternoons at 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, and 4:00 pm.

Make-Your-Own Scarecrow

Saturdays & Sundays after Labor Day we offer our Make-Your-Own Scarecrow activity. Rummage through the bins to find the most interesting combination of shirt & pants for your scarecrow.  Draw & color your scarecrow's face, stuff the clothes with straw, and add the straw hat to make it official.  Give your life-size scarecrow a name, and he or she will be ready to go home and join the family.  All this fun for only $15.99.

Our Annual Gourd Hunt

An Easy Pickin's tradition since 1995.

A Sunday in mid-October is our traditional date for this event. 
2019 Gourd Hunt: 
Sunday, October 20

Games & Activities at 1:00pm
Gourd Hunt at 2:00pm                                      

What's a Gourd?
A gourd is a member of the squash family.  They grow on vines, and produce a multi-colored, multi-shaped, hard-shelled fruit.  Gourds are used for fall decorations -- not for eating!

So what's a Gourd Hunt?
Picture an Easter Egg Hunt held in the fall, with colorful gourds instead of Easter Eggs.  We hide these gourds out in our peach & plum orchard for the kids to find.  We have separate areas for kids age 5 years & under, and for ages 6 to 12.  Everyone finds a gourd, and everyone wins a prize from a choice of prize tables.  We hide 2 specially marked gourds in each section - these special gourds are winners of more valuable prizes.

The Gourd Hunt is free for kids 12 & under.  We also host free games for the kids.  There's music, and we have refreshments available.  The activities take place between 1pm & 3pm.  The Hunt itself takes place at 2pm.  Plan on a fun Sunday afternoon at Easy Pickin's Annual Gourd Hunt !